THE WESTPORT DEEP SEA FISHING SCHOOL owns and operates a student hostel at 48 Cobden Street Westport.
We require all MSD and industry pre-employment students to stay at this facility for the duration of their program.


The hostel provides twin share rooms, breakfast and evening meals for all students. The cost of this room and board is paid weekly in advance by the students, and is deducted from the training benefit for MSD students, For students not receiving the training benefit arrangements need to be made to cover the cost of board before starting the program.

The school operates a strict alcohol-free policy and students involved in drinking alcohol may be removed from the program. This is enforced for the comfort and safety of all students.

Accommodation and meal costs are $180.00 per week and paid one week in advance of starting a program.

The hostel is an important part of the training program and is run like a ship at sea. Students are expected to meet the dress codes, take part in cleaning duties and keep their rooms clean and tidy. This is all expected of you when working at sea and forms part of the school culture. More details are in the Student handbook on school rules and consequences for misconduct.

Industry Training

Accommodation is available in single rooms, breakfast and evening meal supplied along with bedding.

The cost for this is $350.00 per week or $50.00 per day for shorter stays.